Sweetie Box is a Guelph based jewellery business that has been focused on creating unique, clean and sustainable jewellery. At Sweetie Box the creation begins with the hunt, sourcing the highest quality vintage deadstock metals and pairing with the finest quality stones, crystals, beads, and pearls. Through a series of techniques including sawing, piercing, soldering, weaving and layering,  these materials are transformed into wearable art.   Each piece is hand made in Canada and finished with a "clean" plating, free of toxins such as nickel, cadmium, lead and chromium. Current Sweetie Box finishes include silver, antique silver, brass, antique brass and 18K gold. All Sweetie Box creations are designed to outlive trends, are one of a kind or made in limited runs and provide relevant, original pieces to wear in good health for a lifetime.


Our Story

For 20 years, designer Amy Smania has created couture jewellery with stunning visual impact. Since her early days as a street vendor in Toronto’s Fashion District, Amy’s jewellery pieces have combined her reverence for purity with pure urban sensibility; Sweetie Box is known as much for Amy’s extravagant custom-design work as it is for her perennially hip, full seasonal lines of ready-to-wear pieces.

 Amy’s work is flavoured by her years of study in design and sculpture, her stints with such influential designers as Erickson Beamon, The Barber's Daughter and Betty Walton, and her belief that jewellery should provoke, above all, an emotional response.

Sweetie Box's exclusive product has been available across Canada at boutiques and in galleries including the National Gallery of Canada. Sweetie Box menu dishes up unforgettable, luxuries you can hold in the palm of your hand.

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Amy Smania

Founder & Designer